My story

I am Amy Rose Lascelles . I am a 28 year old travelling soul , left handed free spirit , & full time dreamer . I was born & raised in West London , England , and have spent almost every spare penny , and every spare thought on travelling the world in pursuit of adventures , since I left school at the age of 17 .

By the most beautiful turn of events, I found myself setting up a little life for myself in Byron Bay , a coastal surf town , on the tip of the most Easterly point of Australia , where I lived & loved for a little over two years . It was there that I started making jewellery with my friends , on the
beach , in our bedrooms , just for fun .. People really took a shine to the necklaces I was making , and wanted me to make one for them , and their
friends .. It turned into a bit of a pricey hobby as I didn't want to charge anyone at first , but once the interest of a couple of shops in Byron wanting to stock them came about , I had to come up with a name , make myself a tag , and try and make things look a little more professional . I guess the rest has just naturally evolved from there .

Everything is made by me , by my own hands ( .. and sometimes my feet , my toes can come in very handy when plaiting ! ) with crystals I have collected along my travels & adventures , from India to New Zealand , Bali to Cornwall , Amsterdam to Barbados ..

Be it in a park , on the beach , in a cafe , in my bedroom or a rainy day seeking shelter under a tree , rest assured your crystal piece has been made with love , surrounded by nature & music , my two greatest loves , and set with the very best intentions from me to you .